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8 Tips For Your Bakery Project


Considering a New Bakery Project?

Baking companies consider new projects every day in an effort to maximize efficiency and increase production. Energy and labor costs, as well as throughput, are concerns that come with every expansion. Our Design-Build team is committed to establishing true partnerships that will cultivate the best recipes for success.

Critical ingredients to consider before getting started

  1. Prepare a Project Execution Plan that clearly defines goals/expectations, budget and schedule.
  2. Appoint one individual at the bakery who understands the facility workflow and equipment and will serve as the single point of contact throughout the entire project.
  3. Develop a Design-Build collaboration based on trust that will allow for sharing of ideas and analysis of the most efficient systems, methods and techniques.
  4. Prevent infectious disease transmission with increased automation, employee distancing in welfare areas and production lines, employee and visitor prescreening prior to entry and on-site quarantine space.
  5. Engage all members of the project team (designers, equipment suppliers, vendors and construction professionals) early in the process, before substantial dollars are expended.
  6. Assess possible equipment modifications, sustainability initiatives and power generation systems to lower energy costs.
  7. Evaluate processes and equipment that can be automated to reduce labor costs.
  8. Allow for the competitive pricing process to be performed by the Design-Build team.
  9. Get involved in the commissioning and start-up process, regardless of the company managing the installation
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