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Food Distribution & Cold Storage

A M King is highly experienced in the planning, design, engineering and construction of food distribution and cold storage facilities.

Our professionals provide clients with specialized approaches to building layouts, material use and operations, as well as enhancements to existing facilities. Each distribution project is designed with food safety, efficiency, sustainability and schedule in mind. Once we understand our clients’ goals we can then customize the perfect Design-Build plan.

Track Record of Success. During the past 10 years A M King has designed and built more than 8 million square feet of new food storage and distribution space.

Refrigerated/Freezer Space Experts. Approximately 40 percent of the spaces delivered have been refrigerated or freezer space, ranging from -40 degrees to 55 degrees, utilizing Industrial refrigeration systems customized to facility needs.

Renovation Experience. Renovation projects include removal and replacement of refrigeration systems; roofing systems; flooring; dock equipment; racking and storage systems; fire protection and numerous improvements — all without interruptions to existing operations.

Unique Food Distribution Knowledge. A M King has extensive knowledge about elements unique to food distribution facilities, including refrigeration systems; blast chillers; specialty floor construction and systems; roofing systems; specialty doors; thermal envelope systems; fire protection systems, including Quell and dry pre-action; and storage and pallet racking systems, including Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).

Facility Services. A M King is currently providing full preventative and on-going maintenance services for more than 800,000 square feet of facility space, including ammonia refrigeration systems under PSM requirements.