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Food Processing

We understand your concerns beyond facility needs and budgets. Federal regulations, food safety measures and product freshness are just some of the things that must be considered when planning your project.

You benefit from A M King’s decades of experience building and renovating food processing facilities:

  • A M King incorporates sanitary design and food safety principles in every food processing project we complete. We know these standards well. Eliminating cross-contamination risks while ensuring food safety will be at the foundation of your design.
  • We understand the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and BRC Global Food Safety Standards, and ensure the facilities we create make compliance with these regulations as easy as possible.
  • Our team has extensively studied FDA and USDA facility design methods, and we incorporate these methods into our projects.
  • Your new or renovated facility will be as efficient as possible because of A M King’s focus on process and employee flow. Not only do we work to understand your production process so we can design accordingly, we also aim to identify unrealized efficiencies. Space is used to its fullest potential. We want your facility to be even better than you thought it could be!
  • Our deliverable is rooted in your deliverables! If you need your facility to produce 1400 units per minute, for instance, our aim will be to create a facility that exceeds that expectation.

Selecting and procuring the right equipment for your facility

We analyze equipment specifications and investments, facilitate coordination between equipment vendors, and negotiate for and procure equipment on behalf of our clients. The result is as seamless a procurement and installation process as possible, with the risks of new equipment purchases mitigated by A M King.