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Consumers expect that their preferred healthcare organizations will offer innovative services in a modern, attractive environment.

Our experts at A M King understand the challenges and risks in healthcare delivery and that each client has unique operational standards. These facilities require a special focus on safety and compliance, and adaption to new technology, equipment and processes. They also demand a higher caliber of aesthetic excellence, exhibited by clean, inviting spaces and artistry from skilled architects. We work to create comprehensive value for your organization, which will ultimately help you better serve the needs of patients.

In addition to designing and constructing complex medical facilities, A M King and partner, Sports Med Properties have established a specific development, design and construction formula for the growth and expansion of D1 Sports. These cutting-edge athletic training/medical facilities have grown both in size and complexity with the addition of high-end training and equipment and physical therapy suites that can include routine outpatient services, MRIs and even cryogenic therapy services. Chris Paul (Houston Rockets); Jeff Teague (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Aqib Talib (LA Rams) are among the investors in seven A M King/Sports Med Properties locations.