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Project ALDI, Inc. Warehouse & Freezer Expansion & Renovation – Center Valley, PA

A M King provided design-build services for a new 75,000 SF freezer expansion and a 52,000 SF dry warehouse expansion to an existing 400,000 SF facility. The entire project was completed without any disruptions to the ongoing operations of the facility, which remained in full operation during all phases of the work. The total project duration was 9 months.

Project Specifications:

  • Existing 30,000 SF of freezer space was renovated and converted to a new produce and meat cooler
  • Existing dock cooler was expanded
  • Existing refrigeration system was expanded and fully upgraded through removal of the existing ammonia refrigerant pipe in the existing space and replacement with new pipe on the roof structure
  • The existing dry warehouse was also renovated, including receiving new lighting, new finishes and newly expanded employee welfare room areas
  • 3,000 SF of new office
  • Converted the existing 14,000 SF office space to Class A office space consisting of granite and tile floors, level 5 drywall finishes, and an upgraded HVAC system with individual office controls and all new equipment
ALDI, Inc. food distribution and storage design-build - freezer expansion