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Project The FACTORY–D1 Indy

The concept for The Factory D1 Indianapolis, a preeminent basketball-centric training facility, was created by former NBA All-Star and NBA Champion Jeff Teague, Nashville-based D1 Sports Training and real estate developer Sports Med Properties.

D1 Indy—The Factory, designed and built by A M King, serves the local community by providing a place where both amateurs and professionals can train and receive rehabilitation services. The 34,200-square foot structure features three full basketball courts, 18 hoops, team prep rooms, 7,500-square-feet of interior turf training and 2,600-square-feet of physical therapy space. The building surpasses typical sports-related fitness facilities nationwide and incorporates both a conventional steel frame and metal stud shell in various locations. A combination of architectural metal panel types and brick veneer make up the exterior façade. The storefront window systems provide an excellent opportunity for natural sunlight in the indoor training areas of the building.

Project Specifications:

  • The installation of the sanitary grinder pit and lift pump allowed the sanitary sewer to tie into existing sewer mains despite the uphill change in discharge elevations.
  • Complete installation of a water vault that includes both domestic and fire line meters, backflow preventers, Fire Department Connection, and post indicator valve, which allows the fire department to connect to the sprinkler system in the building without being in harm’s way.
  • Complete electrical wiring and programming of state-of-the-art equipment in the gym. Consisting of 18 adjustable basketball goals, three volleyball nets, and two divider curtains that run the length of basketball courts, the system can function from one of two locations. From each keypad, all equipment can be retracted and most can have heights adjusted.
  • Each major area of the facility has its own HVAC units with centrally located thermostats for better owner control. All HVAC units in the basketball gym have humidity sensors tied into them so that the moisture levels are efficiently controlled in order to maintain optimum atmosphere conditions for the courts.