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Henry Avocado Cold Storage Distribution Facility

Henry’s Avocado Corp.’s East Coast facility has the ability to distribute approximately 300,000 custom-ripened fresh avocados daily, with storage capacity for an additional 1,000,000 avocados.


25,000 sf


Food Distribution & Cold Storage


Charlotte, NC




  • Thinner polyurethane metal panels in lieu of polystyrene increased the amount of usable space while achieving the desired R-Value
  • Complete fire protection system per NFPA13 for the cold storage environment
  • Angle iron wall protection poured with concrete to reduce dirt traps and increase facility sanitation

A M King constructed the new cold storage distribution facility inside an existing 25,000-sf warehouse. Features include 55º F – 60 º F temperatures at the dock and aisles; 40º F cold storage spaces; and forced-air rooms, which have the ability to switch between 40º F and 70º F. The facility design also incorporates several energy-saving components such as variable frequency drives, dock seals and energy guards, LED lighting and motion sensors. The refrigeration system design allows for future expansion that includes a compressor rack and condenser, refrigeration pipe sizes, electrical panels and load calculations, and isolation valves at expansion points. Coordination with the owner’s specified refrigeration control panels and temperature settings was critical to ensure proper functionality of the facility and the ability to maintain control of the ripening process.