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Project General Electric Wind Turbine Relocation and Installation

General Electric (GE) is a world-renowned industrial company that pushes the boundaries through technological innovation. Their Greenville, SC research and development training facility was in need of technological updates and expansion, thus causing a 30-ton wind turbine to be relocated. Due to a successful and long-standing 11-year partnership with GE, our team was awarded the challenge of relocating a wind-turbine.

The two most critical factors in this project were size and safety. The wind turbine weighed approximately 30-tons making relocating the oversized structure incredibly challenging. In order to utilize access roads for the move, a Sunday was determined as the best day for a move. With a Sunday being the only option for a scheduled move, all tasks had to be carefully coordinated for a single day to ensure a successful outcome. Once moved, our team needed to guarantee its structural integrity was maintained. This called for full inspection prior to the installation process.

Expansion for the GE facility, made possible by the relocation of their wind turbine, has created multiple jobs for those in the community.

Project Specifications:

  • Relocation and installation of 30-ton wind turbine
  • Careful coordination was required to move equipment during a weekend day