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Benefits of Integrated Design-Build


This is how we do Design-Build better.

Northeast Foods Automatic Rolls of North Carolina

“A M King and Northeast Foods were able to partner together and assemble an
exceptional Design-Build team, which had the capability to take this facility
from a basic conceptual design to the truly innovative facility that is in
operation today.”

Dennis Colliton
Vice President of Engineering / Northeast Foods, Inc.

01 Single Source Contracting

A M King’s fully integrated Design-Build expertise permits the Owner the ease of contracting with one firm that has responsibility for the entire project, eliminating the Owner’s responsibility for coordinating multiple firms and disciplines.

02 Seamless Process

The design and construction teams are integrated under one roof, fostering an atmosphere of trust, transparency and collaboration. This results in a more productive and efficient process.

03 Greater Innovation through Collaboration

The integrated A M King design and construction team utilizes BIM 3D technology, its combined expertise and skill sets that provide more innovative and creative project solutions.

04 Competitive Pricing

A M King’s approach to Design-Build secures multiple pricing proposals from prequalified subcontractors and vendors that are in turn shared with the Client through a transparent process.

05 Change Mitigation

The collaborative process dramatically reduces drawing errors to keep design within cost and budget parameters. Through single point of contact, the risk of costly design errors is shifted away from the client.

Speed to Market

Research has consistently proven that integrated Design-Build is the most expeditious method for delivering a completed project.

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