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Solutions for Your Food Facility Renovation


Clearly, food facility clients also have a number of concerns ranging from FSMA and sanitation to maintenance. In addition, there are new distancing requirements for workers that must be satisfied — all while remaining competitive. Such considerations may lead to immediate decisions to upgrade facilities or processes, or even pursue a larger-scale expansion or renovation. Industry wide, the number of food and beverage plant renovations continues to surpass that of new construction. A M King has delivered projects in nearly 30 states, most of which involve repurposing facilities to better meet client needs. Our deep food industry experience drives repeat business, and ultimately, successful results.

Northeast Foods Automatic Rolls of North Carolina
  • ABC Excellence in Construction / Eagle Award
  • Design-Build Institute of America Southeast Chapter / Best Project
  • Food Engineering Food Plant of the Year Award Winner
Daniele Foods Salami Plant Expansion & Renovation
  • ABC Excellence in Construction / Eagle Award
  • ABC Design-Build Project of the Year

The following steps have proven beneficial to our clients when renovating their projects

  1. Provide a single point of contact for seamless communication, flexibility and responsiveness.
  2. Develop accurate project costs for materials, equipment and systems under consideration.
  3. Incorporate facility design planning for food safety, employee distancing, maintenance and proper product and staff traffic flow.
  4. Build the project digitally with BIM during the design phase to eliminate conflicts and rework during construction.
  5. Create a logistics and scheduling plan to ensure production is never compromised during renovations.
  6. Include equipment evaluation, procurement and integration into the facility planning process.
  7. Remove and replace outdated or underperforming building systems such as roofing, flooring, racking, mechanical, plumbing and electrical.
  8. Modify structure and utilities to support updated equipment lines and to incorporate automation.
  9. Improve employee safety and comfort with ergonomic upgrades and slip-resistant surfaces.
  10. Conduct a review of potential facility life-cycle cost savings related to energy, labor efficiencies or reduced maintenance.
ALDI Inc. Distribution Center & Regional Headquarters
  • Design-Build Institute of America / National Award of Merit
  • ENR Mid-Atlantic / Best Projects Merit Award
  • ABC Excellence in Construction / Eagle Award
Southern Foods Meat, Seafood and Cheese Processing Facility
  • Controlled Environment Building Association / Built by the Best Finalist
  • ENR Southeast Best Projects / Merit Award
  • ABC Excellence in Construction / Eagle Award
  • ABC Design-Build Project of the Year
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