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Mid-Atlantic Baking Facility Expansion

This project was successfully completed on a tight site with significant truck traffic. Despite these challenges, A M King finished without interruptions to the daily operations.


360,000 sf


Food Processing


Baltimore, MD




  • Advanced insulation cold storage design
  • Incorporation of an ammonia refrigeration system with a self-contained refrigeration engine room
  • Erection of Insulated Metal Panel exterior walls and a precast dock wall coupled with vertical dock levelers to expedite loading from the freezer space
  • A new locker room for employees
  • Measures to ensure minimal disruption to operations

Mid-Atlantic Baking, a bakery producing a variety of bread products, including hamburger rolls and breadsticks, needed to expand its existing facility so bread could be frozen on site and stored prior to distribution. The goal was to provide a fresher, higher quality product to consumers. A M King implemented measures allowing Mid-Atlantic Baking to continue its operations during the multi-faceted construction project. The additional space was completed by the promised deadline — with construction taking only six months. Further, the project delivered long-term cost savings to the company.