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October 27, 2020 Press Releases

A M King’s Virtual Volunteers Support Ronald Mcdonald House In Greenville

Greenville, S.C.—Even in the best of times, families staying at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Charities of the Carolinas need support as they care for a child receiving medical care at Greenville-area hospitals. During the pandemic, as many of us have retreated to our homes, it’s easy to forget about community needs that haven’t disappeared along with rush hour. That’s why A M King’s Greenville team has embraced RMH’s new “Service from the Sofa,” campaign, hoping that their contributions will make life just a little easier for those who rely on the organization to get through each day.

It costs Ronald McDonald House approximately $142 per night to accommodate families who must stay an average of 17 nights during their child’s treatment. Providing a safe, affordable and caring home-away-from-home during difficult times is the goal and every little bit helps. To that end, The Greenville team, led by Project Assistant Rita Gosnell, donated a rolling cart full of toiletries to donate this month, which included toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, combs, masks, tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.

“Travel-sized toiletries are a consistent need at the Ronald McDonald House,” says Greenville Business Unit Leader Andre Harris. “We have especially enjoyed participating in the “Service from your Sofa” campaign during Covid-19 and will continue to collect products to donate again next month. Each time we contribute, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment that our team is working together to make a difference.”

Each year in the past, A M King’s Greenville team has taken four turns as Guest Chef at RMH, meeting at the House to prepare homemade meals for families staying there. This year, however, has been a bit different due to Covid-19 protocols, but A M King knew that folks still required sustenance at the end of a long day at the hospital. So, they kept to their original schedule by providing meals for families at the house four times during 2020 by way of meal cards and/or catering.

Most recently, A M King used Welcome to MOE’s Southwest Grill catering which included a lot of fresh veggies and lean meats. Meals must be easily accessible and ready to go for the families. They can eat together if they wish, or if their patient is not feeling well and they are not comfortable leaving, then they can eat a little later. There are plenty of handy gadgets in the kitchen for either keeping the items warm or reheating if necessary.

A M King has a longstanding relationship with both the Ronald McDonald Houses in Charlotte and Greenville. Last year, the Charlotte crew completed an office suite renovation at the East Morehead building and participated in Sport a Shirt, Share a Night Casual Friday benefiting families in need. And the previous November, our team was one of 25 participating at the Red Shoe Shootout, helping the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte raise more than $33,000—which covered 232 nights for families to stay at RMH while their child is receiving medical care.

In addition to the Ronald McDonald House, A M King has also developed strong partnerships with other community organizations, such as 24 Foundation (24 Hours of Booty,); Starmount Academy of Excellence (Fill the Truck); and the Salvation Army of Charlotte and Salvation Army Serving Greenville, SC (Angel Tree Program).

At each event, A M King is there to lend a hand—hard hats, warm hearts, masks and all.

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