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Mission Produce Avocado Ripening and Processing Facility

This state-of-the-art facility is one of North America’s largest avocado-focused cold distribution centers.


275,000 sf


Food Distribution & Cold Storage


Laredo, TX


Property Consulting


262,000 sf ripening and cold storage

13,000 sf 2nd floor office mezzanine area

10 ripening rooms with capacity for 42 pallets per ripening room

40 docks with capacity for 59 docks

2,600 pallets for fruit storage

10,000 sf mango room

Four coolers

86,000 sf cold dock area

80,000 sf dry goods storage

20,000 sf bagging and production area

Offices and dispatch for Border Patrol and USDA

Forced air cooler

Floor and trench drains for room washing

Washable surfaces such as concrete floors and Insulated Metal Panel walls

Structural steel tubes

Sinks in all packaging areas

This all-new Mission Produce mega-facility in Laredo, Texas is comprised of 262,000 sf for ripening and cold storage and second-floor mezzanine housing offices, administrative and conference areas. It holds the distinction of being one of the most sizeable avocado plants in North America, allowing the company to capitalize on the continued popularity of its signature product in the nation’s busiest land port. Like any food facility that A M King designs and builds, sanitary design measures were put in place to protect product integrity. Functionality is a focus in all operational areas, such as storage, staging, ripening, packaging, shipping and receiving. All rooms are designed to facilitate company processes from receipt of the avocados from growers to vendor delivery.

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“The Laredo, TX facility will shorten our replenishment time to our network and add flexibility in managing inventory.”

— Steve Barnard, CEO and Founder / Mission Produce
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