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ALDI Inc. South Windsor, CT Food Distribution Center

A M King designed and built a 500,000-sf greenfield food distribution and cold storage facility for ALDI Inc. in South Windsor, CT, revisiting the site twice in subsequent years for extensive expansion projects.


Original Project: 500,000 sf

First Expansion: 173,000 sf New; 5,000 sf Renovation

Second Expansion: 20,000 New


Food Distribution & Cold Storage


South Windsor, CT


Property Consulting


Original Project

  • Greenfield food distribution facility: 492,000 sf
  • -20° F to 38° F cooler and freezer space: 110,000 sf
  • Dry warehouse space: 356,000 sf
  • Single-story Class A office space: 17,000 sf
  • 104-acre site of which approximately 80 acres were developed and improved
  • 35’-high cooler and freezer spaces are cooled by penthouse-mounted evaporators and an 8,000-lb. ammonia refrigerant system
  • Exterior wall panels are architectural precast concrete panels with a granite aggregate finish
  • Floors throughout are comprised of shrinkage compensating concrete with a dewatered topping
  • Paving consists of heavy-duty concrete
  • 95 dock stations with full vertical levelers
  • 100,000-gallon fire tank


First Expansion/Renovation

  • Dry warehouse expansion: 100,000 sf
  • 32’ clear racking
  • 8 additional dock doors
  • 2 parking lots
  • 5 new dock locations
  • 33 percent increase in equipment battery charging capabilities
  • 1,750-kW generator
  • 285,000-gallon fire water tank
  • Expanded and fully renovated break room
  • Facility-wide photovoltaic solar expansion
  • LED retrofit

A M King provided property consulting, design and construction services for the original project, which was completed in 2008. We secured more than $10 million of state and local incentives for the owner, delivered extensive off-site roadway construction and improvements, and removed hazardous material from portions of the site. The massive project included cooler and freezers, dry warehouse and Class A office space.

In 2018, A M King returned to complete the first phase in a sizeable expansion and renovation project, bringing the total facility area to 670,000 sf. Highlights included a 105,000-sf renovation of existing perishable space, truck apron expansion for trailer parking, photovoltaic solar extension, and transformation of excess topsoil into onsite wildlife habitats.

In late 2021, we completed the comprehensive corporate office renovation that showcases the commitment ALDI has to its employees. From the beginning the goals of this office project were primarily prompted by the desire for enhanced functionality and flexibility, improved workflow and creative aesthetics. Some overarching ideas for achieving those objectives included utilizing glass wall systems for visibility, promoting collaboration through space planning, and improving acoustics.