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October 13, 2020 Property ConsultingDesignConstructionFacility Services

Integrated Turnkey Services Benefit Facility Owners’ Business Growth


Throughout our company history, A M King has witnessed many of our clients experience significant growth of their businesses across the United States. Since forming A M King in 2004, our Design-Build services have been a vital ingredient for our clients to expand and modernize their facilities, allowing them to produce and distribute product and serve their customer base. But as our clients’ businesses have expanded, their facility needs have gone beyond requiring only design and construction services. They realized a need for assistance in the efforts required prior to the start of facility design, and then after a facility is constructed and operating.

This has led A M King to develop expertise in the two areas we refer to as Property Consulting Services and Facility Services.

Property Consulting Services refers to those services which are necessary prior to beginning the design of a new facility, or the expansion and modernization of an existing facility. This would typically refer to a myriad of services including site selection, property analysis, property due diligence, comparative analysis, zoning and municipal approvals and constructability analysis.

Facility Services refers to the work necessary to maintain an existing operating facility, as well as the process of continually updating, modifying and modernizing an existing facility to meet the needs of business growth and innovation.

Property Consulting Services

In 2007, A M King was first approached by an existing client to assist with Property Consulting Services. This client had plans to expand their food operations in New England, and they required a large greenfield site for the planned development. Having limited resources, they requested A M King facilitate the initial site search and selection process. Given our experience with both this client and their facility needs, they knew A M King would provide invaluable insight not only to the site selection process, but also the process of determining which site would provide maximum feasibility for their operation, provide the overall best value from a development perspective, and optimize the ability for the greatest return on investment.

Over the course of 12 months, A M King analyzed multiple sites over a 100-mile radius, and eventually settled on two sites that provided greatest opportunity for success. Also, we concurrently conducted multiple comparative studies, worked with both local and state representatives on municipal issues—including zoning, infrastructure and permitting approvals. We also facilitated the process of significant long-term economic incentives.

Since providing those initial Property Consulting Services in 2007, A M King has now provided these same services for multiple clients on properties throughout the United States. Our clients have now come to depend upon these services for the growth and future success of their facilities and business operations.

Our clients understand that while the design and construction cost of a facility is significant, the decisions made during site location and selection will often result in the greatest long-term economic impacts. If a facility is situated in the wrong location, transportation costs can be significant over the life of a facility. When a site offers little or no options for expansion, companies will be faced with difficulties and large expenses regarding future facility growth. If a site is located in an area with a large tax burden, the profitability of a business with suffer. A M King’s Property Consulting Services team ensures all these concerns and a host of others are considered and evaluated during our detailed property consulting process.

When a newly formed manufacturing company in South Carolina required an innovative, greenfield facility that would also serve as corporate headquarters,
A M King provided full property consulting services within a three-state area. Those services included property and site identification; purchase price evaluation and comparatives; geotechnical studies; utility and infrastructure assessment and conceptual design.

Facility Services

For several years, A M King has provided design and construction services within our clients’ operating facilities. Performing construction within an existing facility is a complex and difficult process and it must be done in coordination with the facility’s day-to-day operations. In addition, a safe environment for both the facility personnel and the construction personnel must be continuously maintained.

After successfully performing several projects within operating facilities, facility owners and operators began to rely upon A M King’s project teams as a consistent partner for these increasingly difficult projects. These partnerships led to a process of engagement, planning, and coordination for the maintenance, modernization and continuing improvement of our clients’ facilities.

A M King now has multiple teams of both management personnel and technicians embedded in several of our clients’ facilities. Our scope of work within these facilities includes general facility maintenance, CapEx projects, equipment setting and relocation and facility expansion. Our teams work closely with facility management to analyze and assess future facility needs, implement facility improvements, and coordinate the planning and implementation of necessary improvements.

Our clients have found significant benefits to engaging in a long-term Facility Services partnership with A M King. The A M King staff becomes an extension of the facility team, understanding their facility operations and goals. We learn the details of the facility, developing an innate knowledge of its structural capacity, utility services, expandability options and other information that leads to efficient and productive projects. We further understand the culture of both the company and the facility, and our teams can both adopt and integrate into that culture. Finally, we develop strong working relationships with the facility personnel, understanding the needs and goals for continually advancing facility operations to the highest level.

The results of this partnership are ongoing facility improvements and maintenance that are more cost efficient, safer and more timely than other methods of providing Facility Services.

Several years ago, A M King began working with an existing client– a multinational energy conglomerate– to strengthen and streamline project processes at its Southeast U.S. manufacturing plant. Outcomes have included development of a detailed, systematic project management program, a safer work environment and significant project savings.

Today’s modernized food and manufacturing facilities continue to undergo constant changes necessary to keep up with ever-changing demands in the marketplace. Because facilities have become more advanced, there is greater need for sophisticated and efficient Property Consulting and Facility Services teams. Both of these services are essential for ensuring that business growth through facility additions and improvements are planned and executed correctly.

Over our 17-year history, A M King’s clients have demanded we not only serve as their Design-Build partner, but also provide Property Consulting Services for their new facility growth and Facility Services to manage protection and growth of their existing facility assets. In response, A M King has developed the personnel, skillsets, expertise and knowledge in these areas for our clients. We learn their culture and standards. We understand their expectations for investing in property, equipment and systems. We develop an intimate understanding of both the client and their facilities.

While A M King may have begun as a Design-Build company, we now have the unique opportunity to help our clients address and solve a variety of facility needs. By engaging with A M King for Property Consulting Services and Facility Services, a facility owner will better realize their facility goals and expectations necessary to fit the organization’s strategic expansion plans. Turnkey services benefit facility owners’ business growth.

A M King has been involved in the expansion and maintenance of a client’s large corporate campus in the Midwest.

For a number of years, A M King has been involved in the expansion and maintenance of a client’s large corporate campus in the Midwest. Prior to 2012, the company was performing maintenance in house, which had become demanding and time consuming. The client asked A M King to manage facility maintenance for both the corporate offices and distribution facilities. Knowing the facility intimately through past and ongoing Design-Build projects, and more importantly, having a strong understanding of the client’s requirements, our team has created efficiencies while also offering increased service.

Click here to read more about our property consulting services. To learn how our existing client success could translate to your business, contact A M King at [email protected].

Brian King
Brian King
Brian King is Founder and CEO of A M King, an award-winning Design-Build firm that provides multiple services required of highly complex facilities in the food processing, food distribution, industrial/manufacturing and corporate markets throughout the United States. In his 35-year professional career, Brian King/A M King have been responsible for the successful management, execution and delivery of hundreds of renovation, expansion and greenfield projects totaling more than $2.5 billion throughout the U.S. and Europe. Recognized in the industry as one of its foremost leaders and experts, he consistently works with management teams and individuals representing both Fortune 500 companies and privately-owned businesses to assist them in achieving their facility goals.
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