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Project Mission Produce Avocado Ripening and Processing Facility

Mission Produce Inc. commissioned A M King to design and build a 262,000 sf ripening and cold storage distribution center in Laredo, TX. The new mega-facility will be in Laredo’s Pinnacle Industry Center on 32.6 acres adjacent to the Rio Grande River and the Mexican Border in the nation’s busiest land port. It will be the company’s largest warehouse to date, eclipsing the company’s headquarters facility in Oxnard, CA by nearly 50,000 sf. Mission Produce plans to initially hire 75 employees when the project is complete in May 2021.

A M King provided Mission Produce with full site consultancy services, which included analysis of the property currently needed by the business today, as well as for future planned expansions. The team also worked in tandem with the Owner to secure local economic development incentives. Working together with A M King, Mission Produce was able to execute the property purchase of the best possible location for this advanced, world-class facility and begin development within an accelerated time period.

Like any food facility that A M King designs and builds, putting sanitary design measures in place is paramount. In addition, during construction, A M King will enforce new safety policies and procedures for infectious diseases in accordance with CDC and OSHA recommendations, as well as local and state requirements.

Functionality is the focus on all operational areas, such as storage, staging, ripening, packaging, shipping and receiving. All the rooms are designed to facilitate company processes from receipt of the avocados from growers to vendor delivery.

Project Specifications:

  • Six ripening rooms
  • Capacity for 36 rooms with 42 pallets each
  • 2,100 pallets for fruit ripening
  • Four coolers
  • Cooler dock
  • Dry goods storage
  • Bagging and production area
  • Offices and dispatch-Border Patrol and USDA
  • Forced air cooler
  • 40 docks with capacity for 59
  • Floor drains for room washing
  • Washable surfaces like concrete floor, IMP walls
  • Structural steel tubes
  • Sinks in all packaging areas