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June 7, 2018 Press Releases

A M King Successfully Completes Expansion Of Automatic Rolls Of New Jersey

Edison, NJ—A M King, a fully integrated Design-Build firm, announced that it has completed the expansion of Northeast Foods’ Automatic Rolls of New Jersey bakery. The new cold storage distribution and process space on Gourmet Lane will allow the company to significantly increase freezer capacity.

Automatic Rolls of New Jersey specializes in rolls for McDonald’s and retail customers. This plant of Northeast Foods has produced buns for McDonald’s since the late 70s.

The scope of work provided by A M King features a 7,500-square-feet (248,000 cubic feet) blast freezer with 474 new pallet positions, capable of transitioning buns from 100-degrees to 20-degrees in less than eight hours. The added capacity is required due to the volume of product delivered to the Distribution Centers and Direct Store Delivery Routes serviced by Automatic Rolls of New Jersey, since McDonald’s now requires all its buns to be frozen for product integrity freshness to the consumer level.

“This project was unique and challenging and will be another example of why clients continue to partner with A M King to design and implement creative solutions,” explains JD Boone, A M King project manager.

The area of the expansion was located adjacent to an existing freezer and abuts the property lines on two other sides, creating a very limited work site. Additionally, the depth of excavation for the building pad and foundation ranged from 6-feet to 11-feet below finish floor, and all of this construction took place during the winter in a very cold region of the country. The scope of work also included the addition of a fire pump that is housed in a new utility room adjacent to the freezer and will service the expansion area, as well as tie into the existing building service. All work took place while the plant continued to operate nonstop with three shifts, seven days a week.

The project also included sitework, such as construction of a new retaining wall, utility improvements and a new access road. Energy-efficient lighting was installed both inside and outside the facility. In addition, the added freezer will help shrink the number of standing diesel refrigerated trucks on site at the facility and in turn, minimize the noise to the adjacent community.

About A M King

A M King is an integrated design-build firm based in Charlotte, NC that consistently and successfully delivers quality projects throughout the United States. With an experienced team committed to protecting clients’ assets, the company provides property consulting, design and engineering, construction and facility services in the sectors of food processing, food distribution, healthcare and medical, commercial and industrial manufacturing properties. A M King’s exemplary track record demonstrates that the company is focused on its mission to be the best in the industry.

About Northeast Foods

Northeast Foods is a family-owned and operated company specializing in bread and roll baking, serving McDonald’s and other multi-chain casual dining operations, as well as retail and wholesale customers. The company has nine plants operating in five states, with distribution in several states.

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