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Project Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corp.

A candy broker seeking to provide protective warehousing to the confectionary industry founded Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation (ABW) in 1948. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading provider of temperature-controlled, award-winning warehousing and LTL/TL trucking transportation in the Southeast. To assist in its expansion efforts, the company reached out to Design-Build experts A M King to design and construct a new 168,585-square-foot space, two mezzanines and an office area. The expansion features a structural steel edifice with a 4-inch IMP metal skin and an 80-mil TPO roof membrane designed to FM global standards. The project also incorporated 7.45 acres of site improvements such as 120,000-square-feet of new exterior concrete pavement and upgrade of campus utilities. The pièce de résistance, providing an innovative solution to the problem of stormwater management, is the 67,602cf-capacity underground retention system that seamlessly and slowly funnels water from impervious surfaces through subterranean storage tanks, saves space and allows for business to carry on as usual in the parking lot and trailer storage areas directly above it.

Project Specifications:

  • 168,585 sf of dry warehouse and mezzanine space
  • Two elevated levels of mezzanine area
  • 44’ building height, fully racked to 40’ with 30,974 pallet positions
  • ESFR fire sprinkler throughout
  • 9” shrinkage compensating floor slab
  • 80-mil TPO roof membrane
  • LED high bay light fixtures
  • 500 kW diesel emergency generator
  • Two underground storm detention systems: East trailer parking – 13,070cf capacity; South truck dock apron – 54,532cf capacity